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Tax Types: Property Taxes
You may select each link below for an explanation of the tax, who is expected to pay it, when it is due, associated penalties and interest as well as additional information.
What is Property Tax?
Who pays Property Taxes?
Information on how to register or file
Due Date(s)
Penalties & Interest
Exemption & Relief
Remission of Property Tax
How is Property Tax arrived at?
Property Valuation Objection
File a Declaration of Value

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Explanation of Property Taxes - Full List
What is Property Tax?
Property Tax commonly referred to as Land Tax is levied on a person in possession of land such as the owner, occupier or mortgagee. Revenue from Property Tax is used to fund property related services such as the collection of garbage, expansion and maintenance of street lighting, community infrastructure and civic improvements, repairs to fire stations and rehabilitation of the parochial road network. Property Tax is credited to the Parish in which the property is located and placed in a Special account known as the Parochial Revenue Fund.
Who pays Property Taxes?
Property tax is paid by all property owners except the Crown and Exempted organizations, e.g. Churches.
Information on how to register or file
All owners and persons in charge of land / property are required to have their names recorded on the valuation roll. The buyer and seller are required to complete Land Transfer Form (TR1), and submit it to either the Inland Revenue or Land Valuation Department. Where there is a registered title one TR1 form may be done.
Due Date(s)
Follow this link to locate information on due dates for Property Tax.
Penalties & Interest
Follow this link to locate information on penalties and interest for Property Tax.
Exemption & Relief
Follow this link to locate information on exemption and relief for Property Tax.
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Remission of Property Tax
The Minister of Finance and Planning may remit the whole or any part of the Property payable by any person or any class of persons if he is satisfied that it would be just and equitable to do so.
How is the Property Tax arrived at?
All land in Jamaica is valued for the assessment of the Property Tax on the unimproved value principle as defined in the Land Valuation Act. Valuations are based on market value, that is the price you would expect to receive if you were selling the land alone, i.e., disregarding the value of any “improvements” on the land, e.g. buildings, crops, etc. Valuations take into account certain factors including the following:
  • Size of the parcel Topography
  • Zoning Soil classification
  • Development potential
  • Land Use
Property Values have been revised effective April 1, 2002. The previous taxes were based on 1992 land values. The Property Tax rates, set by the Ministry of Finance, are applied to the unimproved value of the property in order to determine the property tax payable.
Property Valuation Objection
If upon receipt of a Notice of Valuation, you are dissatisfied with this notice for one of the reasons noted below, you may within 60 days of service of the Notice, serve a Notice of Objection on the Commissioner of Land Valuations.

The following are the only valid reasons for objections:
  • The value of the land assessed is too high or too low
  • The lands which should be included in one valuation have been valued separately, or
  • The lands which should have been valued separately have been included in one valuation
  • The person(s) named in the Notice is (are) not the owner(s) of the land
Objections may not be made on grounds such as “the tax is too high.” Objections may be made only to the amount at which your land has been valued, not to the taxes due. So before you object ask yourself this question, “Is the value placed on my land the present prevailing market value within my area?’ If your answer is yes then you have no reason to object.

If your objection is to the value assessed, you may also submit a Declaration of Value on the prescribed form indicating the amount for which, in your opinion, the land should be valued. These should be submitted along with the Notice of Objection.
File Declaration of Value
While an objection is pending, taxes must be paid:(i) On 75% of the value as assessed by the Commissioner of Land Valuations; or(ii) the value declared by you, whichever is greater.
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